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Exclusive GoT Special - Where fantasy becomes reality!
23. February 2019.

Exclusive GoT Special - Where fantasy becomes reality!

Dubrovnik has a new exclusive attraction to offer: the „Game of Thrones“ Special! After visiting major filming locations in Dubrovnik the big finale is a picture of you dressed as a GoT character sitting on the Iron Throne. Who will rule the Seven Kingdoms? The „Mother of Dragons“, Jon Snow, Cersei or even the Night King? Start of the tour is in April! 

Over the last 8 years the concept of Dubrovnik and „Game of Thrones“ continiously merged with one another. Type in your search engine the word „Dubrovnik“ and you’ll see that autofill presents „Dubrovnik game of thrones“ among the first 3 results. With each season the show’s success is reaching new heights and so is the main filming location of „King’s Landing“. 

No wonder there are so many offers regarding „Game of Thrones“ in Dubrovnik. One of the most popular is our 2 hour walking tour visiting several major filming locations like Blackwater Bay, Red Keep and Cersei’s Walk of Shame. Along the way you see picturesque places and listen to some insights about the shooting of the show. 

Our new „Game of Thrones“ Special takes it to another level! Including the filming locations of the 2 hour tour it includes a visit to Lokrum island. This island is a beautiful gem just outside Old Town. In the show it was the setting for the City „Qarth“. Full of stunning scenaries this is also the place where fantasy becomes reality. 

Several costumes, wigs and associated accessories transform you into one of the GoT characters. Assume the role of the „Mother of Dragons“, Jon Snow, Queen Cersei among many others. After your transformation is complete you will be welcomed to the throne room for a family-and-friends-jealous-making picture on the Iron Throne! All hail the king, all hail the queen!

But what makes this experience even better is that after the tour you can explore Lokrum island with its many opportunities. Swimming, cliff jumping, hiking, lazing around in a bar or just enjoying a meal in a restaurant. Lokrum is definitely a place to go to for everyone visiting Dubrovnik. So, pack your bag and set out for „King’s Landing“…um Dubrovnik I wanted to write. 


Start of the tour in April as soon as the ferry to Lokrum is operating! Book the "Game of Thrones" Special!

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