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(We) Keep your face!
13. March 2019.

(We) Keep your face!

Every year millions of different faces are coming to Dubrovnik to enjoy a beautiful time. On our „Game of Thrones“ tours we invite you to leave yours on our Instagram „Wall of Faces“. Our goal is to built a wall with expressions from all around the globe. Prove to the world that you’re no one. You will have no name apart from your photo tag, if you want one of course! 

Over the years we guided thousands of people from different places all around the world. Many of them joining our „Game of Thrones“ tours, taking photos at Blackwater Bay, inside the Red Keep or on the Iron Throne. Memorable pictures to show to their loved ones back at home. 

So that we keep some memories too we decided to have sort of a guest book. But actually ours is more like a facebook. When joining one of our tours you’ll have the chance to self-perpetuate by putting your face on our „Wall of Faces“. Eyes closed, smiling, winking there are no limits for creativity. With every „Game of Thrones“ tour the wall is getting bigger and bigger. Become a part of a wall which is not seperating but uniting people from everywhere. A monument nobody has to pay for to built it. And it takes only a click to do it. All you have to do is to book one of our „Game of Thrones“ tours. 

Our 2 hour walking tour takes you to major filming locations in Old Town and closer surroundings. Stories from behind the scenes included. Our „Game of Thrones“ Special is taking it further and fancier. This tour includes a visit to Lokrum, one of Dubrovnik’s most beautiful islands. There you have costumes, wigs and associated accessories to turn yourself into a GoT character. This is your chance to rule the Seven Kingdoms and to prove it to the world with a picture on the Iron Throne! 

For those of you who are interested in „Game of Thrones“ but want to know more about the history of Dubrovnik our „Dubrovnik & King’s Landing“ tour is the one to book. Here we combine exciting history with limitless fantasy. The best of both worlds is waiting for you! 

We’re looking forward seeing your face here in „King’s Landing“ so we can keep it on our „Wall of Faces“! 

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