City Walls Walking Tour

Walk Around the City Walls of Dubrovnik

A stroll around Dubrovnik’s city walls is a must-do for every visitor. With a private tour guide this experience becomes extra special. This beautifully preserved defensive wall system surrounding the Old Town has many stories to tell. Two kilometers long, six metres deep in some places with several forts looking out to both sea and land. You’ll enjoy stupendous views of the sparkling Adriatic and the skyline, which speak of the splendour of a town that was once a wealthy republic for 450 years. 

  • duration up to 2 hours
  • tempo moderate
  • disabled not accessible
  • family kid-friendly
  • capacity maximum 8
  • licensed Dubrovnik tour guide

  • entrance fee to city wall (adults 200 Kuna, kids & teenagers 50 Kuna)
  • all personal purchases and expenses (water, snack etc.)

From its beginnings protecting an island, to changing its form over the centuries, surrounding more and more buildings until its final shape of today. No earthquakes, sieges or shelling could harm this impressive monument, which is one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites worldwide.

Your local guide will add some spice to the tour and let you know about suprising facts, exciting legends and funny tales of Dubrovnik. From the founding, through its golden age to turbulent events from more recent times. Every era has its captivating stories to tell. The tour finale is taking you up to the highest point along the city wall, to the top of Minceta tower. Your effort climbing up will be rewarded with a stunning view which is not to be missed.

Book this tour to get your Dubrovnik experience with great moments to share!  

one person 130.00 €
each additional
person + 10.00 €
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