"Game of Thrones" Lokrum Special

King's Landing & Lokrum Island

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This tour is a bonus for all „Game of Thrones“ fans visiting Dubrovnik. This city is usually associated with „King’s Landing“, the capitol of Westeros, home of the Red Keep. But what many people miss is another major filming location right off the coast of Old Town. Only 15 minutes away by ferry you reach an Island by the name of Lokrum, in „Game of Thrones“ better known as „Qarth“. 

Located on the continent Essos, in season 2 this city appears to be an oasis in the „Red Waste“, which is ruled by the 13 and the gateway of commerce and culture between the east and west, and the north and south. This is where Daenerys found shelter after getting lost in the desert. Beautiful gardens, wealthy people, for Daenerys „Qarth“ seemed to be a good place to push on her plans to conquer Westeros. But strange things happened after her arriving leading to the rescue of her Dragons in the House of the Undying. 

After visiting „King’s Landing’s“ most beautiful sites, you cross the Narrow Sea from Westeros to Essos. In „Qarth“ you enter the gardens of the richest man Xaro Xhoan Daxos. Later you walk up the staircase to the House of the Undying only to have a surprise waiting for you at the end of the tour. Afterwards you can explore Lokrum with its many places to swim, to hike or to eat and drink. No matter what, this island is definitely worth a visit and „Game of Thrones“ happens to be the icing on the cake! 


This tour is also featured on travelmag.com as one of the top 5 island experiences in Dubrovnik.

  • duration up to 3 hours
  • tempo moderate
  • disabled not accessible
  • family not kid-friendly
  • capacity maximum 20
  • licensed Dubrovnik tour guide

  • entrance fee fort Lovrijenac (not charged with a valid ticket to the city walls or Dubrovnik Card)
  • ferry to Lokrum island (27 Euro adults, 5 Euro kids age 5-15 )
  • any other personal purchases and expenses (water, snacks etc.)
per person 35.00 €
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