Old Town Walking Tour

A Walking Tour of Old Town Dubrovnik

Surrounded by an impressive defensive wall system Dubrovnik’s Old Town is today one of the best preserved UNESCO World Heritage sites not only in Croatia but worldwide. It is rich in history and full of fascinating sights you’ll get to see during this walking tour. Stradun, Onofrio’s fountain, Saint Blaise church and the Rector’s Palace are only a few of many attractions. Including city’s hidden gems only a local can show you. 

  • duration up to 1.5 hours
  • tempo easy
  • disabled accessible
  • family kid-friendly
  • capacity maximum 12
  • licensed Dubrovnik tour guide

  • all personal purchases and expenses (water, snacks etc.)

Here you get 1400 years of history in a nutshell added with great legends and amusing curiosities. Founded by Slavs and Romans, who transformed a little Island named Laus into a flourishing trading city of the Mediterranean before living its golden age as the Republic of Ragusa. This period was what makes the city so special today.  

But this tour also tells you about the dark chapters of Dubrovnik’s history. The devastating earthquake in 1667 accelerating the downfall, with the french occupation finishing it by abolishing the status as an independent Republic. Raising up as a popular tourist destination in the 20th century in Yugoslavia, before getting shelled in a siege during the homeland war between 1991 and 1995. 

Book and get exciting stories and picturesque locations including useful tipps for you visit!

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